Shoot The Frame Monthly International Photography Awards!

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Shoot The Frame is a suite of international photography contests, giving photographers the opportunity to showcase their amazing work on an international stage. All images are judged ‘blind’, one at a time. This means every single image that you upload is critiqued by Shoot The Frame judges, but we don’t know who the photographer is until we have decided the finalists and winners. Submissions are open in three categories: Portraiture, Landscape, and Wildlife photography.

Winners are announced on the 6th of each month.

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Weekly opportunity to have your travel photographs published and win a camera worth £500!


Enter The Telegraph’s weekly travel photography competition ‘The Big Picture’ for your chance to win a £500 camera. Send your picture, which must be at least 1Mb in size, along with a brief description, your name, address, telephone number, the date and location of the photo to

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