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★★★★★ Review of Photoshop Retouching for Fashion & Beauty – November 2019
‘Very informative and proffesional course on Beauty and Fashion Retouching! Second time attending Photography Course London and learned a lot, thank you!’
Agneta R

★★★★★ Review of Lightroom Foundation – October 2019

‘As a complete beginner to Lightroom, I can thoroughly recommend this course. Mikael is an expert yet explains everything so carefully that made the content easy to follow. I will definitely book any courses here in the future.’

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation Level 1&2 – August 2019

‘Great tutors, who go over the basics in a way that lets you use them in more complicated ways. I completed parts 1 and 2, which were perfect if you already have a bit of an understanding, but want to get off Automatic Mode and add a deeper layer to your photography. Any and all questions were answered to satisfaction, so it’s best to go with a photography style or situation in mind’
Isaac Goode

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation Level 1 – August 2019

‘Instructor was great at breaking down intimidating camera manual jargon into easy-to-follow principles. Made me excited to experiment more with my camera and will definitely return for some of their other courses!’
Jen K

★★★★★ Review of 1 to 1 Tuition – July 2019

‘I went on behalf of work to learn more to improve photography of our products. I enjoyed it that much I think it will now become a hobby! Everyone was really friendly and the class was well structured. Would highly recommend to anyone.’
Jen K

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography-Level 1,  June 2019

‘I really enjoyed the course and after years of not making the most of my SLR, I have come away feeling much more confident with it and like I have a far better understanding of how to get the best out of it, as well as lots of tips and information I can take away and implement on my own. The group was also small so a great size to get some one on one help. I would definitely recommend!’
Lucy C

★★★★★ Review of DSLR Vide0,  May 2019

‘I attended a 1 to 1 session with Nigel Kellaway in May 2019 which focussed on DSLR video technique. I had some basic skills and had an idea of where the gaps in my knowledge were, and Nigel did a great job in tailoring the tuition to my level. His teaching style is friendly and informal and I felt comfortable & at ease asking questions and participating in the practical exercise. The session was really well structured and included helpful examples of videos that demonstrated specific techniques and recommendations for other learning materials I could look up in my own time. I’d definitely recommend’
Kirsty R

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, May 2019

‘I just completed the Intense Foundation of Digital Photography Level 1. Liane was a wonderful instructor and made the complexities of ISO, aperture and shutter speed easy to understand. I found the pace to be just right. She was very good about giving us checklists (which I loved) of how to approach your photography. I walked away with the tools I need to take my photography to the next level. I am already seeing improvement and can’t wait to practice. I will definitely take future courses.’
Samantha B

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography, January 2019

‘I recently completed the Beginners Guide to Digital Photography Level 1 course with Liane Harris and it was fantastic. Our class was only 4 students, so it allowed for more in depth explanations, as well as 1-on-1 time. Liane was a gem, and so helpful when explaining various settings or techniques to result in beautiful photos. I had read a lot of online forums and blog posts over the last 2 years trying to master my Canon DSLR, but Liane taught me the use of buttons and settings I’ve never used or used incorrectly, and I have a complete understanding of my camera and the semi-automatic, as well as manual settings now; a whole new level of confidence! I’ll likely be signing up for Level 2 in the future, as I enjoyed the class so much. Thank you PCL! ‘

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, April 2019

‘An excellent informative course. The information given was easy to understand and put into practice.’
Liz H

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, March 2019

‘Great venue, super tutor, small group tutorial therefore perfect for learning. The tutor had a great understanding of all our cameras meaning she was able to trouble shoot and help us individually. I’ll return for another course!’
Laura Mcnulty

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, March 2019

‘I took the Studio Lighting course with Bill. It was great fun we learnt a lot about hoe to bounce and reflect light. Using flash, different lenses and their uses. Shutter speed, aperture etc. Bill had tones of knowledge and great stories to share.
I also did a 3 hour 1 to 1 with Nigel on DSLR filming. We discussed camera settings, film making tips, cinematography references its was great I wish I could have had the whole day! Definitely recommend’

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, January 2019

‘PCL offered a great beginners course that I would recommend to anybody looking to get the basics. My tutor for the day Holly was wonderful! I will be going back for more courses!’
Letitia Cummins

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, January 2019
‘Took the DSLR Crash Course – What a great tutor Liane Harris was, explained everything clearly and in simple language so we could all understand the practical elements/knowledge to take great photos. It was nice to practice straight away on our camera’s what we learnt in theory, so you can instantly see the results of changing different settings. I learnt so much, and have so much more confidence in using my camera now in only half a day. I really appreciated all the hints/tips shared from such an experienced photographer in addition to the course syllabus.’
Claudette Dudley

★★★★★ Review of One to One Photoshop tuition, January 2019
‘In 2 hours was taught so much. Although a novice at photoshop didn’t feel intimidated, such a great professional atmosphere and looking forward to attending more courses.’
Ian Morris

★★★★★ Review of One to One Lightroom tuition, October 2018
‘Fab session with Mikael Eliasson – this is my second time and he is very patient and helpful with everything. Completely recommend him. Definitely will be going back again.’
Alexa Wilding

★★★★★ Review of Retoucher Pro, September 2018
‘I’ve done a couple of courses here now and they’ve both been fantastic. Ian is super talented and glad he could share some of his wast knowledge with us. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone and i’m sure I will be back to do some more courses with you!’
Agnes Jasko

★★★★★ Review of Studio Lighting: Portraits, September 2018
‘Good course which offered practical advice demystifying flash and studio photography, highly recommended. Thanks to Bill for his help and Izzy for her patience with a rookie photographer.’
Peter Pincham

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 1, September 2018
‘From taking pictures on my phone to owning a Canon camera following the recomendations from my teacher; taking pictures defining the intention, settings and correct exposure ane focus, whilst understanding the technical jargon (really thrilled by this)! I did the level 1 course over 3 weeks and it was fantastic! Totally recommended’
Maria Osa

★★★★★ Review of One to One DSLR tuition, August 2018
‘Great couple of hours with Liane, covered all the basics and some ‘bonus’ tips which was great!
Liane was enthusiastic and patient teacher, which I’d have no hesitation in recommending.
My photos at the weekend went to a new level!’
James Marrable

★★★★★ Review of DSLR Summer School & DSLR Video, August 2018
‘I’ve done a few courses here now and they’ve all been excellent.
The DSLR Summer School with Liane was very inspiring, she’s an incredible teacher! She was very passionate about her subject, patient and managed to cover all the basic theory in a simple but memorable way. I found Liane to be very interesting, funny and light-hearted which made us all at ease in her lessons. I would love to have another session with her in the future and could not recommend the course or school any more.
The DSLR 1 day video course with Nigel was also really good! We covered the main things to get you started from theory-to hands on practice. His teaching style was great, he was patient, interesting and also passionate about his subject and has a vast range of experience. I would highly recommend this, or maybe even a 121 session with him.
Thanks very much.
Roxi Thornton

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, August 2018
‘I really enjoyed the Intensive Foundation in Digital Photography course. I learned how to use the manual (and other) settings on my camera with more confidence. There was a good balance of theory and practical content where we could put what we’d learned in the class into practice. Great location (Shoreditch good for the street photography experience), and a warm welcome from friendly people. Overall, very accessible and useful – thanks!’
David Christie

★★★★★ Review of DSLR Video, June 2018
‘Excellent course and friendly people!! I did a one day DSLR video course with Nigel which was very informative and I’ve manage put what I’ve learnt to good use. Looking forward to my next course already booked!’
Florence Ramos

★★★★★ Review of One to One Capture One tuition, June 2018
‘Holly came to my house for a private lesson in Capture One. She was absolutely fantastic. I knew nothing before I started and 3 hours later I can successfully upload, edit and save my photos. Highly recommend Holly.’
Louisa Greyling

★★★★★ Review of One to One Lightroom tuition, May 2018
‘I did a half day one to one session on Lightroom. I had been using Lightroom for a number of years but without any formal training and was not sure if I was using it correctly and also knew I wasn’t using all the functionality. This was a fantastic session! I was able to bring my laptop along with all my pictures and work through the issues I wanted to and also check what I had done to date. Mikael was very knowledgeable and explained things in a simple and easy manner. I highly recommend a one to one session for anyone else in my position.’
Celia Baxter

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 2, April 2018
‘A brilliant course. We had a small group working with Joel on the Digital Photography Beginner’s course. The sessions were relaxed but very useful and a huge thanks to PCL for making these lessons available at an accessible price!’
Oli Monks

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, April 2018
‘A fantastic, intense day expertly organised and executed. Well worth it.’
Wilma Kirsten

★★★★★ Review of One to One Lightroom tuition, January 2018
‘I had a one on one tuition session with Mikael who was excellent. The content was pitched at exactly the right level and Mikael went out of his way to ensure that everything I wanted to be taught had been covered. The studio is a lovely space too. Highly recommended.’
Russell Bond

★★★★★ Review of One to One Video tuition, November 2017
‘Currently in my 3rd year at University and really needed some help with improving my photography and video skills- booked 3 hours for a one-to-one photography tutorial, and then the same for a video editing tutorial, both had my sessions with Nigel Kellaway who was absolutely fantastic. I cant recommend enough, not only Nigel, but the company itself for anyone who ever feels stuck, or just needs that extra boost of confidence in getting to know your equipment, as well as guidance with any technical problems you might face and often find hard to tackle. Always such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere each time. I cant thank Photography Course London and all their wonderful staff enough. Would highly recommend.’
Jessica Donnelly

★★★★★ Review of One to One Studio Lighting tuition, November 2017
‘I had a one to one studio lesson in studio lighting with Mikael Eliasson. I came with a swathe of images I had hoped I would learn how to emulate, and we went through replicating each one. It was an incredible lesson and would recommend it anyone. Truly professional tutoring, even for an amateur like myself.’
Del Walker

★★★★★ Review of DSLR Video, November 2017
‘Second course with PCL and equally good. Very knowledgable teacher, good class size and taught me everything I needed know. Look forward to continuing learning at PCL.’
Tara Liondaris

★★★★★ Review of One to One Studio Lighting tuition, October 2017
‘My whole experience with Photography Course London was impeccable, my last minute plea for a one to one and my specific dates were met with promptness and flexibility and finally I got my session with Bill.
My studio lighting skills were rusty at best but I had built up some fear of using them so for me the session was brilliant, Bill obviously comes with a wealth of experience but his manner was calm and helpful and totally specific for my needs. I was able to just be honest and open up about my fears and afterwards I felt even more silly for making this into such a big thing in my head. I left confident and went into a shoot I had with the right skills and got the images I needed. This session was totally invaluable for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Thank you Bill!’

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 1, September 2017
‘Over thee evenings i learnt more about the fundamentals of photography than i ever expected. I recommend this course to anyone who has a DSLR and wants to know how to use it properly.’
Peter Thompson

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 2, September 2017
‘I had a great Intense Foundation of Digital Photography Level 2 course with Joel Ford, I liked his teaching and coaching style a lot. Such a nice and competent person.
I am going to continue for sure with some other courses with Photography Course London soon.
Thank you very much.’
Andrea Grasso

★★★★★ Review of One to One Photoshop tuition, September 2017
‘Before contacting PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE LONDON , I called around. They were compatible with their prices they could understand what I wanted. Which was vital. I had a one to one course with Mikael – Im so glad PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE LONDON, recommended him. Mikael was patient understanding and easy to talk to. It was so useful to be able to ask exactly the questions I needed to know the answers to. I was able to complete my project from start to finish. Thank you Mikael for all your tips and advice and Thank you Photography Course London for making it happen.’
Elena Jensen

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 1, July 2017
‘Amazing, one of the best things I ever did. Classes are small groups so you really get a lot out of it.’
Bernardo Rocha

★★★★★ Review of DSLR Video, July 2017
‘Really professional photography school. Small class size so that you can ask question and learn exactly what you signed up to the course for. Great location too.’
Operation Long Drive 

★★★★★ Review of One to One Studio Lighting tuition, June 2017
‘I had a one to one course with Mikael – something I should have done ages ago. It was so useful to be able to ask exactly the questions I needed to know the answers to for how I work. I was avoiding finding out what lighting could help me and how to use lighting on the go effectively. This really helped. I have now purchased one or two light modifiers to help me and am raring to go!’
Charlotte Machin

★★★★★ Review of One to One Video tuition, June 2017
‘An amazing experience at Photography Course London, amazing instruction, friendly environment, cannot recommend enough.’
David Thomas

★★★★★ Review of Various Courses, June 2017
‘The courses are really addictive, I’ve done 4 now and each one was fantastic! I did lighting with Bill Ling, portraiture with Emily and intense foundation levels 1 & 2 with Gary. They were all brilliant at what they did and I loved and got so much out of each workshop.. Looking to book more..’
Liz Lincoln 

★★★★★ Review of One to One Photoshop tuition, March 2017
‘The one to one tuition I had with Mikael was so valuable, as we could look at my personal requirements, and get the set-up right to support me. I have been twice, and both times, I lift my practice noticeably. I’ve been able to correct things that weren’t working and move on to what I like to be doing. I really enjoy that in a one-to-one things move at my pace, and its completely up to me to direct what I need to work on. I appreciate that I get professional advice on things I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about but are important. I will definitely be going back.’
Lila-Barker Ward

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, January 2017
‘Great course for those looking to learn more about their DSLRs. A full day taught me lots of new techniques that have made me ditch the automatic setting on me camera and take much better photographs. Really recommend it.’
Miguel Oliveira

★★★★★ Review of One to One DSLR tuition, October 2016
‘I signed myself and my partner up for a 1-2 session, having never been on a photography course before. We both had new cameras and we had only used on automatic settings. We had a 3 hour session and it was fantastic. Mikael was so patient and he went through everything with us in real laymens terms, without making us feel silly. We both came away from the course enthused and keen to practice techniques he showed us, using manual settings. We will definitely book further sessions, once we have mastered the basics. Well worth the money and I would totally recommend.’
Charlotte Ralph

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 2, September 2016
‘I am pleased with what the Intense Foundation – Level 2 Photography course taught me. I have come away more confident in taking a correctly exposed picture, which I had previously struggled with. I also now understand how important the right composition is when setting up your shot. The most enjoyable part was getting outside with some hands on tips. Having a professional beside you really helps.
I would recommend this company and will hopefully be returning.’
Alexis Williams

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography, September 2016
‘This what I was expecting. Suitable for beginners, practical session, fun! I am not surprise this course has excellent reviews, location is excellent, not expensive and the best was on Sunday, the only day I am able to make it- I will def recommend and come back! Thanks Gary, I enjoyed every minute-‘
Glaucia Minei

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, September 2016
‘I chose to do this intense course following frustration at not having the confidence with a digital SLR compared to a manual. Not only has my fear of DSLRs disappeared but I had an immensely enjoyable and informative day. Gary and my class mates were great fun; I am so pleased I took the course. I will not hesitate to do another course at PCL with my new DSLR arriving this Wednesday!’
Karen Tait-Lane

★★★★★ Review of One to One Studio Lighting tuition, September 2016
‘This course is just spot on! I was in quite a rush when looking for a course and so booked the best that I could find on google. I have to say it totally exceeded any expectations I had before hand. I couldn’t have been shown the ropes by anyone more qualified than Bill Ling and just totally loved the whole day.’
Oliver Meredith

★★★★★ Review of One to One Street Photography tuition, September 2016
‘I had never previously signed up to a photography course and my reason for choosing this company was only based on a gut feel. I’m glad to say I was proved right as I definitely felt the tutor focused on my needs and was able to impart advice with tangible results. Despite the rain, which in itself was an opportunity!, and the cost, I feel the value of what I learnt will be invaluable in the future. So I can strongly recommend this particular course.’
Mark Roman-Gold

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, September 2016
‘Great course with Mark on Friday. Class size was perfect and syllabus covered really helpful along with lots of practical experience.’
Michelle Hailey – Craft Hut 

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, August 2016
‘I attended the 1 day foundation course with Liane Harris. Feeling a little nervous with my near to zero knowledge, Liane took as back to basics and slowly built up the layers of information with simple practical demonstrations. The small group and studio made a very comfortable day and felt at ease in the space. Has made an instant change to the way I take a photo and have not used auto settings since! Will definitely be looking to book onto the next level in the future…… Thanks Liane!’
Tracy Zanelli

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, August 2016
‘Great intense foundation level 1 course with tutor Gary Perlmutter. Gary help me unlock the true potential of my DSLR with a can do, no nonsense, seen it, done it approach, even assisting me solving a nagging problem re-setting my camera off multi-exposure mode which knocked my confidence using my camera unto this point. Switching off auto mode and going manual now with confidence. The highlight for me was taking my DSLR out of the class room and putting what we’ve learned into practice. Weather helped too. Looking forward to level 2!’
Mark Isaac

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 2, July 2016
‘Great Intermediate level course with Joel Ford. Really filled in some blanks on the technical side of photography and sent us out on a ‘photo essay’ trip which opened my eyes to another level of photography. Thanks!’
Emma Thorne

★★★★★ Review of One to One Product Photography tuition, July 2016
‘Great one to one with Andrew H Williams. The hours were tailored to what I wanted to learn/needed to know. Really encouraging, and a great environment to learn in. The ample tea helped! Ha! many thanks’
Laura-Rose Barnett

★★★★★ Review of Retouching for Fashion and Beauty, June 2016
‘I did the day course for Retouching for Fashion and Beauty with Valerio Lettieri. Really enjoyable and extremely informative! There was a lot of information to take in so i’m pleased I took some notes, the tutor also said he would send us additional notes as there were a few things we didn’t have time to cover in detail. Before the course I didn’t have much experience with retouching but the tutor was great and kept everyone engaged, and walked through every bit to ensure everyone understood and was keeping up. Was lovely to meet the other people on the course too, and learn about their experience with retouching. Overall, it was a great day, I’d definitely recommend!’
Fran Shaw

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition, June 2016
‘Fantastic 1:1 tuition from Mikael Eliasson. I learnt so much about the manual functions on my camera, and how to balance them. He was calm, informative, helpful and encouraging throughout. I’ll definitely be back for more help after a bit of practice.’
Sara Priestley 

★★★★★ Review of One to One DSLR tuition, June 2016
‘Great four hour, one-on-one tutorial. Very helpful and informative. Would recommend to anyone interested in coming to grips with even just the basics of digital photography.’
Drew Collins

★★★★★ Review of One to One Photoshop tuition, May 2016
‘It was an absolute pleasure to work with this very professional company. They go above and beyond in making sure you get what you want. I needed help with some Photoshop batching which they resolved perfectly. could not recommend them enough.’
Russel Bremner

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, March 2016
‘The Digital Photography Crash Course with Emily Stein was great. She was encouraging, knowledgeable, approachable and happy to offer extra advice when asked. The staff were lovely. I can’t wait to practice what I learned – and maybe book a place on their Street Photography Course!’
Kat Mace

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, February 2016
‘Totally loved the course, and now feel confident and equipped for adventures in photography! Very well-taught, pacy course. The time flew and I learned so much. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone and am hoping I can come back soon for more advanced courses.’
Rachel Marsh

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, February 2016
‘Had a great experience on the Crash Course this Saturday. Our tutor Liane Harris was great. She was very helpful and patient. The course was informative and helpful taking us through various different aspects of photography. A really helpful day and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get clearer understanding of your DSLR. It has put me on the path to simple but dynamic photography with simple techniques. You certainly won’t be using those AUTO settings again. Thanks for a great experience.’
Michael Wood

★★★★★ Review of Studio Lighting: Portraits, February 2016
‘Took the Studio Lighting Course with Bill Ling the other day and it was fantastic! I’d never shot in a studio before, but I came out with a good understanding of how to control light in a studio environment. Took a few great snaps as well! Highly recommended! Being at Holborn Studios was incredible!’
Michael Wright

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, January 2016
‘I took the Intense Lv 1 course with Liane Harris. Money well spend! Liane known her stuff – I’ve learned everything I was hoping to and can finally go into Manual Settings (or any other mode if I feel like it) with confidence. I feel that I’ve learned all the basic rules of photography like understanding Aperture, Shutter, ISO, Quick Settings, Modes etc and how to use them to capture quality photos. While teaching us the basics Liane made sure we constantly learn how to put this new knowledge into practice. She didn’t overwhelm us with information and made sure that we’re not jumping ahead – she needed to make sure that everyone in the group can take the pictures she requested and understands the process behind it. Besides that the atmosphere in the group was very light-hearted and fun, maybe I was just lucky and joined a nice group of people or maybe it’s again Liane and her great sense of humour that made my course feel more like a fun day out instead of school. It’s probably both :) Don’t let this fool you though – it is an intense course. You learn a lot and there’s plenty of information to digest but everyone can manage :) I highly recommend signing up for this course if you want to learn how to use your camera and take good pictures in a friendly environment. If you end up with Liane as your tutor just make sure not to take her pictures without asking – she hates it :D’
Lucas Basarab

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, October 2015
‘I have just completed the Intense Foundation of Digital Photography – Level 1 with tutor Mark Sherratt and finally understand how and when I should get off automatic. A nice mix of theory and practice with a patient and supportive tutor. I took a bridge camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ200) with me that has all the manual functions and learned 10 times more about my camera and what it does than I have trying to digest the manual in the last year! We had a very small and friendly group and the pace was just right to understand everything but cover an amazing amount of stuff. Thank you.’
Lisa Reiter

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, October 2015
‘I’ve just completed the foundation course and I thought it was brilliant. I got a lot of things cleared up that I’ve been confused about and I’ve learnt things I never knew at all. It’s got a good mix of theory and practical too. I’ll be going back for more courses.’
Kim Burrows 

★★★★★ Review of Lightroom Foundation, September 2015
‘The Lightroom Course fully explained the workflow and facilities in this software making it very easy for me to transfer from using Photoshop Elements.’
Adrian Garner

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, September 2015
‘The beginners Photography course was great – there is a lot of technical information to take in but it was broken down into bite-sized manageable chunks. By the end of the day I felt ready to go out and take some really creative photos rather then just sticking it onto auto as I usually do.’
Francesca Allen

★★★★★ Review of Intro to the Darkroom, August 2015
‘Attended the dark room course with Bill Ling. Fantastic experience. Learnt a lot from it and would highly recommend.’
Stacey Burgess

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: DSLR and Photoshop, August 2015
‘I really enjoyed my one to one tuition on DSLR and Photoshop. Giorgio Murru was a great teacher and we went through everything I was interested in. Laura and Alaena were so friendly and helped to make the booking of my course so easy. I am now inspired to take photography further and hope to maybe take another course in the future. Thank you PCL!’
Laurel Tirone

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 1, August 2015
‘Just completed the Beginners DSLR with Bill Ling. Really enjoyed it, and have come away feeling like I’ve learnt loads about my camera and photography! Am hoping to do future photography courses after this one, and would look no further than this place. Good sized classes too, not too many people in a class. Thanks very much and see you again!’
Georgie Hodgson

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 1, August 2015
‘Really enjoyed the Beginner DSLR course with Bill Ling. I’m a real beginner with a new camera, which I now feel much more confident about how to get the most out of. Well-paced, very practical and a lot of fun. I’m considering whether to go back for the Intermediate DSLR course in the autumn.’
Thomas Lowe

★★★★★ Review of Retoucher Pro Course, July 2015
‘The Retouch Course Pro was amazing. Sinisa is a great teacher and the course was exactly what I was looking for. It seemed expensive but it was so worth it. I learned loads. Also the organisation and location is fab.’
Jo-Anna Rohmann

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, July 2015
‘The crash-course with Adrian Wood was great. Easy to digest information with some practice learning our new skills. It was intense, being a short course but now I feel confident enough to take my camera off ‘automatic’ and have some fun with it!’
Katarina Ramsden

★★★★★ Review of Photoshop Foundation – Level 1, July 2015
‘I really enjoyed the Photoshop Foundation – Level 1 course with Mark. The studio was lovely, the class size was small and it was a good combination of teaching and hands-on, practical tasks. The best part was the feeling of achievement each week; I never thought I’d be able to produce images like that so quickly and I’ve already utilised the skills in my job. I’m extremely tempted to book for Level 2 and would recommend Level 1 for everyone.’
Donna Marie Howard 

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: July 2015
‘Such a cool environment with very polite and knowledgable people. I received a gift certificate from my girlfriend for a course but because of time limitations I booked a 1on1 session with Bill Ling. I am extremely happy with the quality of those 3 hours and how direct Bill was. Highly recommended – the environment and the people scream quality.’
Angelos Nastos Megas

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, June 2015
‘I completed a beginners course last Sunday and I was really pleased, I came away from the day with all the fundamental tools to inspire me to use my camera properly and get off the auto mode. Our tutor, Emily Stein was fabulous, she was enthusiastic, patient, explained everything really well and made the day fun. I will definitely take photography further and have even looked into camera clubs and short courses. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to move up a gear in using your camera and being more creative behind the lens.’
Liz Campbell

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide – Level 1, May 2015
‘I recently took the level 1 Beginners course to digital photography and I was absolutely thrilled at how the course was carried out. Mr Perlmutter created a calm and friendly atmosphere for all of us to learn as much as we could. Many of my colleagues agreed with me that taking the three-Wednesdays course was the best idea: like this, the knowledge properly sinks in and this course made sure you applied all the knowledge constantly to whichever assignment we were on. I have improved my basic photography skills in terms of aperture, shutter speed, composition, metering, panning, light trailing… and the list goes on. I now know exactly what a DSLR is supposed do do in my hands!!’
Dana Bozic 

★★★★★ Review of Photoshop Foundation- Level 1, May 2015
‘I took the Photoshop Foundation Level 1 with tutor Mikael Eliasson and have really enjoyed it. It was a phenomenal introductory into Photoshop for me as a beginner. I hope to be able to take with you some other courses in the near future.’
Max Blau 

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide- Level 1, May 2015
‘I took the Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1 course with tutor Gary Perlmutter and truly enjoyed the experience. Gary gave clear indications and proved to be a patient and kind tutor. I am glad to have received a proper introduction to Manual mode. I look forward to Level 2!’
Yela Naletto

★★★★★ Review of Product Photography, April 2015
‘Great experience. I’m a total beginner but the teacher (Andrew H Williams) was patient and took the time to explain my camera to me. Really pleased with everything I learned. Would recommend.’
Claire Healy

★★★★★ Review of Photography for Parents, March 2015
‘I went to the Photography for parents with Mikael Eliasson and it was so much more than just how to take pictures of kids ! Mikael is very knowledgeable, explained things in a way they made sense and was open to all our questions. The course had an amazing number of examples we discussed, and Mikael took us then outside to practise straightaway, which was key to the learning process. Several weeks later I still remember what I learned and keep practising with my camera!!’
Pascale I

★★★★★ Review of Studio Lighting: Portraits, April 2015
‘I did the studio photography course with Bill Ling, and it was even better than I expected. Hoxton studios is a beautiful and inspiring place to learn and shoot, and Bill Ling is one of the best teachers I’ve had the pleasure to learn from.’
Lucas Gabellini-fava

★★★★★ Review of Photoshop Foundation – Level 1, April 2015
Easy booking, great having reminder emails and easy instructions leading up to the course, course was very personal, friendly instructor and overall brilliantly run!
Tom Pointer 

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: Studio Lighting, March 2015
‘I booked a three-hour 1-2-1 training session at PCL at very short notice and was delighted with the tuition I received. I had accepted a large photography commission and quickly realised I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew. So I called PCL, explained the situation, they organised a tutor and within three hours of tuition he had come up very a very simple solution, shown me what to do and then explained where to source the necessary kit. We spent the last hour trying out other lighting techniques and I came away feeling I had learnt a LOT. Well worth paying a couple of hundred pounds for. If you have any niggling unresolved photography problems then I highly recommend giving them a call and arranging a session.’
Nicola Pritchard 

★★★★★ Review of Digital Crash Course, March 2015
I have just completed Level 1 of the Digital Photography For Beginners class with Liane Harris and came away excited to try out my new skills. In such a short space of time I feel I took in a lot of invaluable information. Liane was a great teacher, very patient, clear and friendly. I really want to try out the Level 2 class now!
Beci Wood

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide -Level 1, Feb 2015
This is a really excellent course (beginner level 1). I was essentially using my high end DSLR as a point and shoot camera that I could have spent £50 on, these 3 lessons have got me to a point where I can now take interesting and creative photos that look much more adept than before. Leanne is experienced, friendly and extremely patient! Highly recommended.

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide -Level 1, Feb 2015
‘I have just completed the Beginners Guide Level 1 with Liane Harris and am about to sign up for Level 2 next. The course is great for Beginner’s like me who mainly use the ‘Auto’ button on their DSLR and want to get to grips with the ‘real’ features of their cameras. Liane is a great teacher, very good in explaining and made sure every single one of us (10 in total) understood every function, from ISO, Aperture, Exposure and Shutter Speed. Already, my photography has improved so much that I will never switch back to Auto mode.’
Fran Katerbaum 

★★★★ Review of Portraiture Masterclass, Feb 2015
‘I attended this full day class recently with tutor Bill Ling who is an affable and easy going chap who has an extensive portfolio of top quality work and as you would expect a comprehensive knowledge of his subject matter. His flexible and laid back educating style was very good. He had a plethora of useful tips (both on a practical and technical level and in terms of how to engage your subject to get the best out of them) and he offered much encouragement to all throughout the day. We had a small group (seven) of varying experience and from what I recall we all enjoyed the day and got something out of it. It’s a good course and Bill is a very good tutor. I would recommend it to anybody. 4 out of 5 stars!’
Ed Oliver

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, Feb 2015
‘Really great course which teaches you everything you need to know about your DSLR camera and how to get the most out of it. I went there because I use photography for work, but after the course, I really wanted to take up photography as a hobby, it was just so inspiring!’
Anne Nordheim 

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 1, Jan 2015                              
‘I took the intensive Level 1 intro to DSLR photography on Saturday and it was well worth it. There were some elements I already had some grasp of – like focus and aperture – but I still benefited a lot from having them explained and demonstrated again. And then there was stuff I had no idea about, like light metering and how to get the most out of the Manual setting. In fact, the light metering part was such an eye-opener for me that it was worth the fee on its own! Leanne was an excellent, engaging, animated teacher.’
Bob Hanson

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation-Level 2, Jan 2015                              
‘I recommend the course to everyone who wishes to master their knowledge of the DSLR camera settings and how to manipulate them.Also you get much more than that – our tutor Gary was generously sharing with us some of his knowledge gained during the long years of photography experience.The atmosphere is informal and you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics,which is great.The group is small and this is really beneficial as Gary was able to pay equal attention to each of us.The course is very well designed and structured and covers all you need in order to produce great quality pictures.The practical part at the nearby roundabout was fun and very useful , as you can practice what you’ve been taught and also learn new techniques.Thank you ‘Photography Course London’ and Gary!’
Nadezhda Vasileva

★★★★★ Review of Advanced DSLR Photography, Jan 2015
‘Great course, short but sweet! A lot packed into 6 weeks. This course has certainly kicked started me into photography, so a massive thank you to all tutors and fellow students!’
Will Hatlapa

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, Dec 2014
‘I did the Intense Foundation of Digital Photography Level 1. Starting as an absolute beginner on DSLR I was amazed how much I learned in one day, I really feel ready to get out and give it a go now. Liane is a great tutor, really engaging and patient, and it was great that she took time to learn what we wanted to get out of the course and refer back to those requirements specific to each of us throughout. I am already planning to do another course to extend my skills.’
Anne-Marie Miller

★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: DSLR and Lightroom, Nov 2014
I recently attended a 1 on 1 with Gary on the camera followed by a day with Mikael for Lightroom. I found the course to be quite expensive but that would not be so if I could have attended the class sessions. I found both days to be interesting and “enlightening”. My photos are now being filed in a way more manageable manner and I now feel more confident with the mechanics of the camera and can spend more time composing an image that I want to see rather than worry about the settings. 4 Hours passed by very quickly and I feel that I learnt a lot!
Jetje Japhet

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, Nov 2014
‘I’m a bit embarrassed as to how little I knew about my camera before the course. Luckily my eyes are now opened to all the amazing things I could do with it without having to rely on the Auto function! Going outside and actually taking photos was probably the most enjoyable aspect. Though the weather was crap it was great to get out put into action the things we were taught. The delivery of the course was also enjoyable, as it was a small enough group you felt you could ask questions without hogging the time. Adrian Wood made all those complicated symbols and terms you see in your dslr manual make sense in less than a day. You got the sense that he was an expert in his field of work, but was quite open and friendly about it. I truly feel confident using my camera and can’t wait to sign up for the level 2 course. Thanks!’
Stephanie King

★★★★★ Review of Create a Website, Oct 2014
‘I really enjoyed the course and its venue – loved the beautiful office with various cameras on display. Tutor Richard Gallon raced us through all important aspects of creating a word press based website. He helped us individually when we needed help and gave us various helpful hints and links. We had time to practice too. I feel ready to create my own word press website.’

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation – Level 1, Aug 2014
‘I had never used a DSLR until the course day, let alone knowing the functions and all those complicated buttons etc…it looked all too complicated to me as a beginner. Liane Harris explained all the functions with great patience, she explained everything clearly and answered all our questions. She was fun and very understanding of the issues or questions we faced during the course. The idea of discussing our chosen images was great. We got to see many different photos each of which required different techniques and by the end of the day we knew how to take photos to create our desired effect. Liane also helped me to choose the right camera to buy, she spent some time during the lunch break, browsing different options and finding the retailers. I learnt a lot during the course and I cant wait to apply my knowledge to my new camera which I bought today. I came in with absolutely no idea… and left the course with great deal of knowledge. I highly recommend the course to all beginners. It certainly adds a lot to your knowledge and you learn things without which you will never be able to take beautiful pictures. It was also fun and the fact that we were given the opportunity to take photos outside the school gave us a lot of confidence. Grace and other staff were also very kind and helpful. The registration process and all the correspondence was very smooth and easy. Thank you for organising this fantastic course.’
Tina Melikian

★★★★★ Review of One to One DSLR, Aug 2014
‘I opted for a 4hr 1 to 1 session in advance of a couple of weddings I’ll be attending as a guest. Although I took probably 4/5 photos throughout the whole session, I learnt a great deal! The lack of ‘practical practice’ didn’t bother me, as I have been taking photos for several years, and it was the finer nuances of wedding photography which I wanted to take note of! Grace, the organiser was friendly and welcoming; and the overall studio was a great environment to learn it. I left feeling inspired! Although the pricing was high, you certainly quality tuition; and I would recommend it to anybody wishing to develop their photographic skills.’
James Brewer

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1, July 2014
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Beginners Guide to D-SLR (Level 1) course at PCL this month. This course was the perfect way to get acquainted with the semi-automatic and manual modes of my new camera, and I now feel confident in being able to use my camera to maximize my chances of getting a good image in a variety of situations. The course was split over 3 weeks, which worked really well for me as I appreciated having the chance to practice newly learned techniques between sessions and to receive feedback on these photos. This course focuses on the technical aspects of using your camera – from use of light and metering through to going into fully manual mode – rather than the creative side of photo composition and subject selection. The tutor Liane had an impressive knowledge of the functions of a wide range of cameras whilst also creating an informal atmosphere that encouraged students to ask questions. There was a good mix of theory and practical within each session, with plenty of opportunity for feedback on photos. I have since been honing my new skills and hope to maybe take another course in the future. Thanks Liane and PCL!’
Ellen Forty

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography, July 2014
‘I really enjoyed the Street Photography course with Nils Jorgensen. What I loved was the insight into street photography, the mentoring from Nils and the opportunity to practice. To be honest, while I was expecting expertise, I certainly wasn’t expecting to have such a high calibre and renowned pro leading the course! We spent the morning in the ‘classroom’ learning about street photography, before heading out to see what we could ‘see’. Overall, I learnt some great tips and techniques, loved our learning on the Tube, the group were really friendly and the guidance from Nils was really valuable.’
Julie Woodward

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1, June 2014
Really enjoyed the Beginners Guide Level 1 course. It was well-structured and informative and there was a good balance of theory and practice with a lot of opportunity for feedback. Being a weekly course I appreciated the time to process and practise what I had learnt before progressing the following week. The tutor Adrian Wood was enthusiastic, made all the numbers understandable (finally!!) and was always happy to help with queries and questions. My aim was to come away from the course with a better understanding of how to use my DSLR and I’ve certainly achieved that. I’m really happy that I’m no longer shooting in ‘auto’ mode and have started to use my camera how it was intended to be used. Hoping to return for the level 2 course in future.
Jess Yau

★★★★★ Review of Lightroom Foundation, June 2014
This course has definately given me the confidence to start using Lightroom. Although it was very technical ( as one would expect ), Gary was very good at explaining things and I felt that I learnt a lot. The handouts at the end of the course were very helpful. I would seriously consider doing another course from their schedule.
Raymond Yau

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography, June 2014
Thanks to Gary and Grace for a very enjoyable day. Really enjoyed the course, good to have most of the day to learn about street photography. Great to go out and put into practice things learnt in the morning and to have a review and to see how other members of the group viewed similar shots or came up with unique images.
Daryl Seyforth

★★★★★ Review of Photoshop Foundation – Level 2, May 2014
‘Well continued from their Level 1 course with clear and simple instructions on how to create amazing pictures. Mikael’s method of teaching makes it very involving and interesting with him giving time for us to ask questions about features we may have come across or need some advice on. Most importantly his notes are easy to follow once you leave the classroom! It is amazing how many times we learn something somewhere and then go home and try to do it again.’
Jai Pandit

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation of Digital Photography – Level 1, May 2014
‘I loved this course!! It was so enjoyable and I learned more than I would have done in weeks thanks to Adrian and his super skills of teaching!! He truly understand the mind of a beginner and I felt so respected, not knowing one of the buttons on my camera! :) I’m very glad I decided to take this course and I feel I learned everything it said it would teach…
All the staff was really nice and lovely. A cup of tea and a biscuit really makes a lot of difference on a hard working day! :) Thanks!..
I loved the room, crispy white and nice. It was a great place to spend a day in! Had that “photographer studio feel” to it which I like.’
Anna Huss. Interior Designer, Stylist & Freelance Journalist

★★★★★ Review of DSLR Level 1, Level 2 and DSLR Filmmaking, May 2014
‘I have been to this school for three courses now. The DSLR Standard and Advanced courses and a DSLR Film/Film Editing course. I learnt a lot from each of these courses, the camera course I did first off was probably the most stand out but that was because I learnt a lot quickly as I was starting from a ‘no knowledge’ base. The place is all open plan and has a kitchen area for refreshments and the people teaching are talented, stimulating and enjoyable to be around. The good thing is the course details often link to the teachers work and you can see if they are skilled in their field in ways that would be useful to what you need to get out of your course. I would thoroughly recommend this place.’
Wendy McGirr

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 2, May 2014
‘This is the 2nd course I’ve done with you guys and with Liane as the teacher and once again I enjoyed it very much (almost a shame it’s only for 3 sessions). Liane is a great teacher, enthusiastic and obviously very knowledgeable about all aspects of photography. She is very good at explaining things and ever so patient in answering everybodies questions. She is positive and encouraging and gave me confidence to use my camera well, more confidently.
I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn how to use their camera.’
Thank you and hopefully see you soon for another course.
Donia Jud

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: DSLR & Image Review, May 2014
‘I recently received one to one tuition from Mikael Eliasson which I enjoyed very much. Mikael gave me some excellent advice on how I might proceed should I decide to take the step from being keen amateur to professional photographer. He drew attention to both the strengths and weaknesses in my work, inspiring me to explore further the various techniques, both during shooting as well as processing an image. At the end of the session, I felt I had a good sense of which aspects I need to work on, whilst being given a boost of confidence in my ability as a photographer. I would highly recommend his tuition to others and look forward to receiving further one to one tuition with him in the near future.’
Michael White

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, May 2014
‘I’ve just completed the Digital Photography crash course with Adrian Wood who is a great teacher, fun, patient and gets the info across well. I now understand how my fancy ‘bridge’ camera works and am not terrified of experimenting with different settings so I now feel I can progress from always taking photos always in ‘Auto’ and become more creative. Thanks for helping me on my way to better photographs.’
Daphne Partridge

★★★★★ Review of Photoshop Foundation – Level 1, Mar 2014
‘After meaning to get to grips with Photoshop for a long time, I finally booked myself a place on the Photoshop Foundation course. Mikael was a great tutor, and both the content and delivery were fantastic – well-paced, thorough and with plenty of opportunity to try things out and to ask questions at every stage. I’ll definitely be back for part 2!’
Cathy Pyle

★★★★★ Review of Create a Website, Mar 2014
‘I took a one day course to create a website. The course covered all the basics and some useful suggestions for further development. It was clearly explained and the tutor took time to make sure that each person kept up.’
Nick Haeffner

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation of Digital Photography – Level 1, Mar 2014
‘It was a very professional yet friendly and informal day. Well paced for a range of people, good detail without getting ‘over technical’. Perfect foundation like it says on the tin. Adrian is really good, patient and interested and really knows his stuff. Really encouraged questions and participation which really made the day work. If you have any questions just ask.’
Allan O’Neill

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: DSLR, Mar 2014
‘I had a 121 tutuion with Jon Mortimer recently after completing the Beginners DSLR course with him a few months ago. Jon is a very knowledgable, experienced working photographer who is also a great tutor. Jon doesn’t baffle with technicalities and numbers and is very patient. My camera now does more than just point and shoot and my photos have already improved. I will definitely be booking the Level 2 course.’
Anna Hulme

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1 and Level 2, Feb 2014
‘I have done both the Beginners Guide Level 1 and Level 2 courses with Photography Course London. I highly recommend them both. Liane Harris was my instructor on both courses. She is fantastic – knowledgeable, enthusiastic, a great teacher and has a passion for photography that is contagious. My goals were to learn how to use my DSLR camera and to know what makes a good photo. I feel that I have accomplished these and so much more. I am inspired to continue taking great photos!’
Candice de Villiers

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography, Feb 2014
‘Recently completed a Street Photography course here. Great tutor in Luke, really responsive and engaging and provided good and practical advice. We covered some of the history around sreet photography and also hit the streets with Luke giving a broad range of advice for different “styles” of photography. Considering doing the Studio Lighting and Video/Filmmaking for DSLR courses as well.’
Lorenzo Play

★★★★ Review of Retouching for Fashion and Beauty, Feb 2014
‘I took the Fashion and Beauty Retouching course with Helen Saunders. Overall I was very happy with the course. Helen has a structure but is still able to tailor the day to the general needs of those on it. I would recommend that everyone reads the section on what you should know before taking the course as this will mean you can get the most out of it and so can everyone else attending.
For me, the course covered what I expected it to, but there was an initial slowness due to having to go over some of the techniques that we were expected to already know.
Helen and the staff at the office were very friendly and there were two (much needed) tea breaks where the kettle was boiled ready for us- and a few cheeky ginger nuts so all in all it was great.
I had a lot of fun and learnt lots of new skills and techniques.’
Annie Hawkes

★★★★ Review of Photoshop Foundation – Level 2, Feb 2014
‘Having previously done the excellent Lightroom Foundation I was keen to return to Photography Course London for their Photoshop Foundation (level 2).
This was an excellent course that covered a lot of important subject matter and developed techniques in a methodical and structured manner to result in a really useful model for my workflow.
Mikael is an excellent tutor and I benefitted greatly from his structured and relaxed approach. Very highly recommended.’
Adrian Sartain

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1, Feb 2014
‘I’ve just completed the beginners DSLR course with Liane Harris. I have to say that I’m really glad I took this and have signed up to the intermediate class at he end of April. Liane did a great job of explaining the basics such as the interaction between vaious camera settings – suffice to say that the quality of my pictures has improved no end!’
Mike Chadney

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography Workshop, Jan 2014
‘Did the street photography course. Ethusiastic knowledgeable tutor. Eye opening walk around east London with plenty of things to snap. Opened up a whole new method of photography to me.’
Richard Kenny

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography Workshop, Jan 2014
‘Recently completed a Street Photography course here. Great tutor in Luke, really responsive and engaging and provided good and practical advice. We covered some of the history around sreet photography and also hit the streets with Luke giving a broad range of advice for different “styles” of photography. Considering doing the Studio Lighting and Video/Filmaking for DSLR courses as well.’
Lawrence Peters

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation of Digital Photography – Level 1, Jan 2014
‘I found the course very useful as it is many years since I used anything but my iphone to take pictures. It was a good foundation and helped me understand the various functions and just what you can do on manual rather than auto mode. I didn’t have a camera on the day and your kindly lent me one. This encouraged me to buy a Canon 700d and I am putting what I learnt to good use. It was a very well run course with the opportunity to work both inside and out.’
Lee Taylor

★★★★★ Review of One to One Street photography on Location, Jan 2014
‘A 3 hour one to one blast through street photography with Luke Forsythe! Absolutely brilliant fun and highly educational – I learnt so much and really feel this is going to add a new edge to my photographs. Luke was professional, amiable and full of passion for his subject – highly recommended! Thanks Luke!’
Philip Shaw

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation of Digital Photography – Level 1 and Level 2, Jan 2014
‘I took the Level 1 course with Liane Harris this week and I loved it! She was so enthusiastic and full of energy! I already had some photography knowledge, but this course helped to fill in any gaps… there was a lot I didn’t know about my camera! I also did the Level 2 course this week with Jon Mortimer and again, this was great! He was very knowledgable and it was so interesting to hear about his work and get advice from someone who really knows his stuff. Both tutors were very patient and happy to answer any questions. The group was also very nice and small, so they have time for everyone. I would definitely recommend!’
Selina Harris

★★★★★ Review of One to One DSLR & Lighting tuition on Location, Dec 2013
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the one to one course with Jon…
He was very knowledgeable and extremely patient. Great fun and only to happy to help and explain with any questions I had.
My photography has come on leaps and bounds since then so I am only too happy to recommend.’
Steve Currey

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography Workshop, Nov 2013
‘The Street photography course was excellent. I really enjoyed the introduction putting street photography in a historical context but the wow factor was going out on the streets. It really made me start to look at things in a different way and approach composition differently, particularly use of available light. Would definitely recommend’ To see some photos from the course, visit Barbara’s blog here – Funky Rosebud Studio
Barbara Evans

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: DSLR, Portraiture and Lighting, Nov 2013
‘Had John Mortimer as a 1 on 1 teacher and he was excellent. really helped me to organise my self and taught me how to structure each image I take. Before I was very snap happy and produced alot of rubbish with the occasional good image, but now all my images are of a much higher quality than they where before, and I have grown in confidence Immensely when it comes to taking photos for clients. highly Recommended for those to want to really advance there skills.’
Jon Sharpe

★★★★★ Review of Street Photography Crash Course, Nov 2013
‘I attended the four-hour-long introductory street photography course run by Luke Forsythe last week Tuesday. Luke started the introduction by showing us well-known photographs by internationally known photographers to give us a feel for the genres, which I enjoyed very much. Via these pictures I think we all got an idea about their work, how they sometimes approached the particular picture, the result we were able to view and we also learned that a lot of patience and endurance goes along with the taking of the actual picture. We then learned a bit about composing a photograph, aperture and speed, ISO and so on, discussed queries we had and then went out to put into practice what we had learned so far. The hands-on bit was great fun and let people in the street believe we were taking shots of celebrities!! I thought the course was well-balanced. A good mix of theory and practice. Luke is a very helpful and easy to approach teacher who encouraged us to believe in our ability to take photographs and never forget to smile when taking pictures out there in the streets as smiling photographers get far in the world of street photography!’
Dagmar Gleditzsch

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1, Nov 2013
‘Digital Photography Level 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it! I learnt so much and I feel much more confident with my camera now. All I want to do is go out and take pictures. I will definitely be going back for other courses, maybe the street photography next time. Thank you very much!’
Jordan Stewart

★★★★★ Review of Portraiture Masterclass, Nov 2013
‘This was a fantastic course. Lots of fun and very informative. I was lucky enough to have Jon Mortimer as an instructor and he was excellent, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is because we didn’t manage to get outdoors and test our new skills – I think it could have been a little bit more hands on. Overall though it was excellent – I learnt so much and my photo’s are so much better! I’ve since done the Portraiture Masterclass course as well and that was equally brilliant. Lot’s of fun and a lot of new skills and tricks learnt. As always, PCL is fun, informative and great value for money.’
Ben Logan

★★★★★ Review of Intense Foundation of Digital Photography – Level 2, Nov 2013
‘This is a great course for anybody wishing to break out of the auto focus function and have complete control of their digital camera. It teaches you many of the basic technical concepts which will enable you to take better quality pictures whatever the circumstances. Furthermore the course is conducted in such a relaxed and friendly environment. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to become a better photographer.’
Damien Abbott

★★★★★ Review of Portraiture Masterclass & Retouching for Fashion & Beauty, Nov 2013
‘I have now attended 2 courses at photography course London and am planning to take some 1 to 1 on some more specific things as they are so good! Masterclass in portraiture is one of the best courses I have ever been on – it was jam packed with interesting info and useful technical tips all interweaved as we went along – the tutor referring to his own experience which was vast… Retouching for beauty and fashion – we covered lots of effective techniques and I am no longer afraid of masks!! The teaching was straightforward and made complete sense, she was patient and kept us stimulated throughout…’
Holly Revell

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: Photoshop, Sep 2013
‘I did a 121 on Photoshop session with Gary and I went there as a complete novice totally confused by it all. Following the course I came away with a pretty good understanding on how Photoshop functions and can now indulge in some pretty funky photo enhancements. Great Location and Facilities. The staff involved were all very kind and helpfull and I would recommend them to everyone.’
Simon Best

★★★★★ Review of Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1, Sep 2013
‘I have recently finished the level 1 introductory course with Jon and it was simply FANTASTIC!!. I can’t recommend this course enough for any one like me who is a complete beginner or still shooting in automatic mode. Jon has a great way of delivering the material and you can tell he really knows what he is talking about. My photography is so much better and already looking at what other courses are on offer. Thanks’
Richard Murray

★★★★★ Review of Photography for Parents, Sep 2013
‘I very much enjoyed the one day Photography for Parents class with Mikael Eliasson. It covers more or less the same material as a beginners SLR course, but with many useful tips for getting the best photographs of babies, kids, and moms even in generally unflattering situations like the hospital post delivery. I’m weeks away from the arrival of baby number 2 and look forward to getting some interesting, high quality photos unlike the first time around where I didn’t give the baby photos nearly enough thought.
The class was nice and small, so very much felt like a discussion. All of my questions were well answered. I feel much more confident about using my camera and inspired to get down to taking lots of photos. I also found the space to be very pleasant. As others have mentioned, take your own notes to refer back to after the class.’
Cathryn Tonne

★★★★★ Review of One to Two tuition: Fashion & Beauty Retouching, Sep 2013
‘I had the photoshop for beauty and magazine course with Helen and I must say it was very exciting to learn this kind of things. She was very understandable very professional and very kind :)
Don’t think about it just go!!!
P.s I forgot my sunglasses there and they sent it to my address :)))) thank you x’
George Vafeiadis

★★★★★ Review of Photography for Parents, Aug 2013
‘My husband bought me the Photography for Parents course with tutor Mikael for my birthday to help refresh some techniques and get better pictures of our 4 month old son. The course was excellent, I absolutely loved it. Mikael really clearly recapped on some of the technical aspects of photography, we were able to practice those techniques and gave me loads of ideas to try out at home (wriggly model permitting). I would thoroughly recommend this course to any new parents – I just wish we’d found it earlier!’
Lucy Allen

★★★★★ Review of One to Two tuition: Photoshop, Aug 2013
‘My colleague and I had a 1 to 1 tutoring session with Gary Woods on Photoshop. We’d never used Photoshop before so needed all the basic training. Gary was very patient with us and very knowledgeable on the programme. The staff at Photography Course London were very helpful and friendly and made us feel very welcome. The venue is also in a really good, easy to find location. We took all our own notes, however it would have been nice if we could have walked away with a “Basics Photoshop Handbook”, because no doubt if we don’t use some of the features very often then they will be easily forgotten. Overall a very enjoyable and useful session.’
Danielle van Rooyen

★★★★★ Review of Digital Photography Crash Course, Aug 2013
‘Really enjoyed the crash course with Mikael Eliasson in understanding all the settings on my camera. Only had it 5 years, but needed a simple demo type course to learn what was what! Very useful practical information and demonstrations really brought to life the dos and don’ts. Have just had four days away on the coast and have messed around with everything I learnt. Some great improvements in my photos and I now understand how to set it up for different conditions. Still lots more practising to be done, but would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking for a quick start. Will definitely be looking to see what else may be of use to me in future courses. Thanks.’
Stella Ellis

★★★★★ Review of One to One tuition: DSLR, Aug 2013
‘I cannot fault Photography Course London, from my first email to them through to my One To One tuition, I cannot speak highly enough of them. I’ve previously tried one other course in London (Covent Garden) but everything about Photography Course London was is a class apart. I can’t wait to go back for the next part of my course.’
Nathan Barnes

★★★★★ Review of Studio Lighting: Products, Aug 2013
‘I took the product photography / studio lighting course with Cleveland Aaron. He introduced me to all the correct techniques and the equipment needed to achieve the results I was looking for with minimal post-production. Altogether very informative and interesting, and highly recommended’
Misha Vaswani

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