‘Kiss My Genders’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery

This weekend Photography Course London went to check out the new multi-media exhibition ‘Kiss My Genders’ at the Hayward Gallery.

This brand new immersive exhibitions features over 100 pieces of artwork, from more than 30 international artists, including one of our tutors, Holly Falconer, and is a celebration of Gender and Sexual Identity.

Together the photography, films, sculptures, paintings and other installations colloborate to create a profound, mesmerising and thought provoking experience which chapters 50 years of non-binary, trans and intersex identities and experiences from across the globe.

Amongst the vast media capturing and exploring the fluidity in sexuality and gender, the photography and portraiture of LGBT+ and queer individuals really stands out.

One of the first major pieces of photography is a portrait of Amrou Al-Khadi shot by Holly Falconer, the triple exposure brilliantly explores the different aspects of their identity, being a drag performer with Muslim heritage.

The first floor is dedicated to a room of broad and rich photography, displayed on pastel coloured boards, that mirror the transgender and bigender flags.  The earliest example of photography is Pierre Moliner’s eroctic montages and ranges from Peter Hujar’s portraits of drag artists Ethyl Eichelberger and The Cockettes and transgender actress Candy Darling to Martine Gutierrez’s bright and colourful study of beauty standards and stereotypes.

At a time where hate crimes are still current in London and the meaning and purpose of Pride is still not fully understood, ‘Kiss My Genders’ is a welcome and important addition to Londons exhibition scene.

'Kiss My Genders' exhibition - Hayward Gallery 2019

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